1. Basic concept of PF Act.
  2. Employer’s Registration in PF Act.
  3. Calculation of EPF, FPF, EDLI.
  4. Employee Registration in EPF Act.
  5. PF Challan Calculation and Online Method.
  6. Monthly PF Return preparation.
  7. PF Accounting process.
  8. PF Advance process.
  9. Online & Offline PF Transfer process.
  10. PF Claim process.
  11. Allotment of UAN.
  12. UAN KYC & Activation process.
  13. Technical process eg. digital Signature.
  14. Online payment process PF.
  15. Damage and interest calculation.
  16. Reports Creation of EPF.


  1. Basic Concept of ESIC Act.
  2. Registration of ESIC Act.
  3. Contribution of ESIC Act.
  4. Challan Filling of ESIC Act.
  5. Employee’s Registration in ESIC Act.
  6. Benefits of ESIC Act.
  7. ESI annual Return filling.
  8. Online filling of accident Report.
  9. Accounting process for ESIC
  10. Claim process of ESIC.
  11. Technical process eg. digital Signature.
  12. Online payment process PF.
  13. Damage and interest calculation.
  14. Reports Creation of ESIC.